On January 22, in cooperation with the farmers' cooperative VAKS in Valmiera, a training was held for users of plant protection products.




A topic "Beneficial Insects" is included in the school's new program "Integrated Pest Management", in which the book "Our Garden Pests and Ways to Fight Them" issued by J. Piņģerots – Svešais in 1927 was also used.





On 15th of December the School held the closing of accredited professional development study program “Agricultural Crop Nutrition”. Study course was successfully acquired by farm owners and new generation of farm owners with university degree.



On November 22 in Kaķukrogs (Vaive) after the initiative of Vaive parish administration (Cēsu county) the School held a workshop within the EMPHASIS project: “Hogweed containment, using integrated pest management methods”. The workshop was attended by more than 90 participants, including representatives of municipalities, state authorities, researchers, foresters, landowners, agronomists, service providers and others from different regions of Latvia. We thank Vaive municipality, SIA "MB Grimons" and all participants for the active participation in the workshop!



On November 9, at the 2nd International Conference: “Sustainable Forest Management in the Baltics. Earth and man in the balanced interaction”, which was organized by association "Latvian Forest Certification Council" (LFCC), University of Daugavpils, Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava”, the School participated with 2 EMPHASIS project posters. More information: https://www.lmsp.lv/single-post/2017/11/21/Foto-un-prezent%C4%81cijas-no-konferences-Zeme-un-cilv%C4%93ks---L%C4%ABdzsvarot%C4%81-mijiedarb%C4%ABb%C4%81



On 18.10.2017 the School within the framework of the EMPHASIS project experience transfer, in collaboration with Gražvydas Šiukščius / UAB Graderlitas, visited integrated eradication trial plots of hogweed in Lithuania (Švenčionėliai city and Švenčionys municipality) and met the representatives of the municipality. Our team also met the responsible officials of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Environment in Vilnius and visited Kaunas botanical garden, where in 2017 were established the first hogweed eradication trial plots using integrated plant protection method and discussed further activities with botanical garden management.



Following the initiative of the Cēsis Municipality, the School invites for a workshop "Hogweed containment with integrated pest management methods” municipalities of Latvia, landowners and service providers who have problems with hogweed. The workshop is held within the framework of the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program EMPHASIS. Practical examples from 3-year (2015-2017) field trials will be shown from different places in Latvia.

Apply by November 15th, completing the Application form for seminar.



The newspaper “Latvijas Avīze” responds to the readers' question about the integrated method of eradicating hogweed, in the article "Patience wins in the battle with hogweed". The joint stock company "Latvijas valsts meži" shares the experience in hogweed eradication in LVM.



In the July issue of the magazine “Agro Tops”, the school published an article Attention! Increasing damages of the cabbage stem weevil”



On 18th of June in the season’s final episode of the program "Vides fakti"  school in collaboration with partners tells about the options of limiting Sosnowsky’s hogweed and the positive experience with inegrated method which is being developed under the EMPHASIS project.