DACOM is an innovatory enterprise of progressive technologies from Netherlands, which is developing and providing Agri Yield Management systems to the agricultural crop farms all over the world. Dacom system is providing to the growers practical solutions for profitable and sustainable farming. Bringing technologies that are using sensors together with internet and science knowledge, farmers now can manage and precisely adjust their production processes during the whole vegetative season.


School is the only official partner of DACOM in Latvia since 2006.

One of the goals of computer program DACOM using is to optimise applying of fungicides to control apple scab  (Venturia inaequalis)potato late blight (Phytophtora infestans) and potato early blight (Alternaria solani), as long as spread out of other actual disease in Latvia’s conditions.

Dacom weather forecast is specially designed for farmers, traditionally it gathers data regarding air temperature, possibility of precipitation, evaporation, temperature of dew point, and it also prepares a forecast for performing spraying measures, which allows planning works in the farm.

Program is giving a helping hand into maintance of field history documentation, allowing carrying out data records into computer programme with an additional option to add pictures of the fields or plants, where the real situation of plant development and health can be monitored.